A new idea of living where art, nature and feelings intertwine to give emotions, elegance and prestige: a unique context in Minusio on the shores of Lake Maggiore. A luxury location that dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century. A world of values stored in a structure representing a specific lifestyle: we want to continue to tell its history and ask you to join us.
Feelings, situations, emotions, stories, desires come to life and intertwine in the rooms of ESTATE & ESPLANADE, like in a treasure chest: not just a place to live, but the guardian of all your desires and the viewer that sees them realized.

ESTATE & ESPLANADE with its refined style characterized by elegance, luxury, design, sophistication is not an ordinary house: it is innovation, prestige, state-of-the-art architecture.
A secret that is disclosed, a dream that is revealed: are you ready to discover it?


ESTATE & ESPLANADE is not just a house; it is the perfect realization of all your dreams: it encloses, represents, evokes and satisfies them. It is the representation of a precise lifestyle, a world of values and ambitions — your own world.

Starting from essentiality of volumes and linearity of design, it gives form to your lifestyle, telling without mediation its simple elegance and, at the same time, its complex architecture in the luxury and prestige of its innovation. ESTATE & ESPLANADE's style speaks the language of design, state-of-the- art architecture, elegant and timeless luxury, able to communicate with nature and to integrate with it to create a new idea of living.

A simple luxury and pure design: a combination that suits every taste and goes beyond fashion, becoming timeless.ESTATE & ESPLANADE needs nothing else, because elegance is the essence of luxury.